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Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation

UNTI LEGAL can provide on-site interpreting or telephonic interpreting services to accommodate your individual assignment needs. With over 200 languages to choose from for any situation, from interpersonal meetings, to large conferences, to regularly scheduled events or last-minute emergencies, our dedicated staff matches your needs with the right interpreter or translator. UNTI LEGAL’s language professionals have native-speaking ability and therefore can more accurately convey messages in cultural context. Our interpreters are experienced in all methods of interpreting, and are defined for you below.

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Consecutive interpretation occurs when an interpreter communicates words after the speaker has completed his/her statement. This method of interpreting is most often used in legal, medical and business proceedings.

Simultaneous interpretation, also known as “conference” interpretation, this occurs when a person’s words are interpreted in “real time” or simultaneously as the speaker is making the statement. This method of interpreting is essential for bilingual/multilingual conferences with medium to large groups in attendance. In addition to providing experienced simultaneous interpreters, UNTI LEGAL can provide state-of-the-art audio equipment for all conferences.

Certified Written Translations

Although there have been advances in software programs and hardware, translations still require human intervention and human sensitivity. UNTI LEGAL translators have the skill, experience, and expertise that is necessary to communicate complex messages.

In an increasingly global marketplace, proper translation of legal documents must be done with particular attention to detail. From employee manuals, to documents, forms, brochures, or reports, UNTI LEGAL’s professional language translators provide high-quality services. Our assignments can be tailored to meet the requirements of official institutions and government agencies. At UNTI LEGAL, we provide three certified copies of the translation with a notarized certificate of accuracy for each copy, all at NO EXTRA COST to our client. We do this so that all our translations are guaranteed and can be upheld in court.

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