U.N.T.I. Translators & Interpreters, Inc.

What is it?

U.N.T.I.’s secure client login is a proprietary database of assignments that allows you, the client, to place an order for interpreting services, or view detailed information on past and future assignments scheduled with U.N.T.I. It’s an added service we provide to our clients at no cost. There’s never any fees to register or use our secure database!

Who should register?

You! Both new and established clients of U.N.T.I. can reap the benefits of our database.

Why should I register?

  • It’s FREE to register and use!
  • Place an order instantly!
  • View past assignment information and full details of the assignments!
  • View upcoming assignments and full details of the assignment!

In this busy world we live in, it’s nice to have a written history of transactions that you can refer to. Things come up like….. Did I schedule an interpreter for this upcoming proceeding? Where was the last deposition taken for the deponent? Need billing information for the case? Did I cancel the upcoming assignment? What was the deponent’s name on this case at the EUO last month? What was the claim number for that case last year? U.N.T.I’s invaluable database can answer these questions for you and more!

How does it work?

Once you click the link below to register, a UNTI representative will contact you via email to provide you a temporary password. Upon receiving the password, you can then log in and choose your new password under the “Edit Profile” tab. That’s it! Now you can place an order, or view past and future assignment history through our secure database.

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