U.N.T.I. Translators & Interpreters, Inc.

Court Reporters

UNTI LEGAL has a team of experienced and knowledgeable court reporters who are fully certified in Florida Continuing education as it is a requirement for maintaining certification in the State of Florida. The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) offers advanced recognition to reporters who develop their skills above and beyond basic state retirements. The majority of our court reporters hold at least one of the following certifications: Florida Professional Report Certification (FPR), Realtime Reporter Certification (CRR), the Registered Merit Reporters Certification (RMR), and the Resisted Diplomate Reporter Certification (RDR). When it comes to choosing the right court reporter with the experience and education necessary to complete the most difficult of depositions, always choose UNTI LEGAL.

We provide:
• Spacious conference rooms located downtown Orlando WITH Free Parking.
• On-line scheduling with e-mail confirmation for all proceedings.
• Transcripts – Electronic or hardcopy transcripts delivered with an industry-leading 8 days to 10 days turnaround for normal delivery. Expedited services also available.

Have Questions? Need Assistance?

Call us toll free at 877-594-6020 or email us at unti@unti.com

Legal Videography

UNTI LEGAL videographers use high quality digital video equipment. All video depositions are mastered on DVD in a format that plays in any DVD player and most computers.
UNTI LEGAL offers a wide variety of video formats. We believe that the most flexible and useful tool for reviewing is a video in synchronized format, which allows for easy editing of the video by the client. This technology is useful when analyzing video testimony at your office during the discovery process or for impeachment in trial.

Video Depositions:
Preserve the testimony and emotion of a deposition through video. Playing a video deposition for the jury is much more effective than simply reading the paper transcript.
Picture in Picture (PIP):
Want more than the standard “head-in-the-box” video deposition? Enhance your deposition using our Picture-in-Picture technology, which allows you to show the witness and the exhibits simultaneously on screen at the same time. We digitally capture the video of the witness and then import a high resolution version of your exhibits onto your own screen. Unlike picture-in-picture methods other used by other companies, we never cut the video, so the integrity of the witness’s statement stays intact the entire time.

Day-in-the-Life & Settlement Videos:
Words cannot truly show the pain, heartache, and difficulties your client faces on a daily basis. Using these documentary-style videos are the best way of putting others in your client’s shoes. Great for opening statements in trial, settlements, and mediations.

Slip-and-fall, vehicle damage, laboratory testing, home inspection or any other type of inspection or review can be captured in high detail, revealing video. Let the jury experience the inspection for themselves.

Video Editing:
Whether you need designations, redactions, video enhancements, still images pulled from video or you just want a story told, we can quickly produce a professional quality product. Give a smooth, high quality look to your courtroom presentations and multi-media projects.
Other Video Services:
• Medical Examinations
• Video Wills, Prenuptials, and Adoption Signing
• Video Enhancement
• 3D Animation and Renderings
• Re-enactments
• Construction Documentation
• Time-lapse Multi-Camera Seminars and Lectures